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Online Courses


This programme is an online One on One Session programme covering basics aspects of Trading in stock market. Learn the essentials to start investing in Stock Market. 

Advanced Trading Programme

This programme is an online One on One Session programme covering all aspects of Trading in stocks, commodities and currency including Forex and Future And Options.


This course is a perfectly designed course which provides a foundation for understanding Fundamental Analysis.

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Why Choose
"Wolves Training Programme"

  • This programme will help you to get a regular source of income
  • One on One training sessions with financial trainers.
  • Our Financial Trainers will guide you daily during live market hours
  • We will guide you to become an expert in stock market and also pursue trading as a full time career

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Open your Demat Account

Open a trading and Demat account online and start investing for free

Open your trading and demat account at Zerodha, the biggest discount broker in India. The charges offered by Zerodha are nominal and the trading platform provided by it is also fast and friendly.

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